Warranty and conditions of sale

source url All new trailers are covered by our 12-month residential usage or 4-month commercial usage warranty for faulty workmanship, excluding serviceable parts.

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Сайт закладок через тор Warranty does not apply to wear and tare items, wheel bearings are not covered under the warranty, Wiring problems such as pulling on the wire and it pulls out of the plug , this is not covered under warranty.


get link The first couple of hundred kilometers we recommend that wheel nuts be tightened and the wheel bearings felt for play. This is due to the fact of “bedding in” of the wheel nuts. Failure to do this could result is reduced life of the wheel bearings. If these are loose, please consult with a professional on the correct adjustment.


follow link Mistreatment and overloading of your trailer is the owner’s responsibility and it is the duty of the towing person to know what his or her vehicle is rated for. Don’t turn up with a Suzuki and try and tow a 2000kg trailer, we will not allow that.


click To find the load rating of the trailer take the aggregate, and minus the tare. In other words, on any un-braked trailer with 750kg take the weight of the trailer off which will equal the load.


follow link Ownership of this warranty is non-transferable.

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Словения купить закладку: меф-мефедрон, фен-амфетамин, кокаин, героин, мдма, экстази, ски кристаллы скорость, гашиш, шишки и бошки Warranty is a return to base and is to be carried out on our premises at 39 Juna Drive, Malaga WA.

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https://bualetralvm.ru/kupit-konoplya-novokubansk.html We do not cover labour or parts if completed at another premise. https://gwalbarol.ru/boshki-zakladkoy.html This trailer is fitted with New Tyres/Rims which are not under guarantee. follow link The right and title to theses goods only pass to the purchaser after full payment.

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enter In the case of second hand or used goods, no warranty applies and is bought on an, “as is” and as inspected condition.


source site For full terms and conditions please contact us on the contacts page and request a copy via email . Thank you

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