Flat Top 8 x 7 Trailers

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8 x 7ft Flat Top Rocker Roller Suspension Trailer – 2,000kg Braked (4 wheel disc brakes)

ATFT87 – $5,140.00 including GST – w/out cage click ATFT87C – $5,790.00 including GST – with cage https://tuschkagrud.ru/moskva-shukino-kupit-zakladku.html * both models licensed https://berelkons.ru/moskva-staroe-kryukovo-kupit-zakladku-shishki.html (Please call for stock availability) https://jelakdvkeadr.com/kavala-kupit-zakladku-mefedron-fen-amfetamin-kokain-geroin-mdma-ehkstazi-gashish-shishki-boshki.html add jockey wheel and spare for only $150

https://treuebarry.ru/magazin-zakladok-spays-stavropol.html This is the smaller 8 x 7 Flat top trailer being the braked version (all 4 wheels braked) allowing 2,000kgs Gross. Built to last with 300 deep drop sides and stronger built suspension and frame.

Блокировки сайтов роскомнадзором


  • 300mm deep drop sides
  • 100 x 50 x 2.5mm longer RHS tube draw-bar with safety chain
  • 2.5mm checker plate, fully welded body
  • Box tube chassis
  • leaf rocker roller springs 65 x 5 x6leaf
  • 40mm square axles
  • Head board 1200high
  • 22 mm round tube tie off
  • 14 inch new tyres and rims 185R x 14C light truck as standard
  • Ford 14″ stud pattern
  • 50mm ball hitch
  • ADR approved LED lights 7pin plug(small)
  • Rated for 2000kg – (mechanical brakes – cable disc on all 4 wheels)


  • Spare wheel and jockey wheel – add $150
  • Cage – tube frame & mesh 1,200mm high with hinged removable gate Cages – add $500

Stamp duty and transfer fees are still payable to the Department of Transport Approx 2 weeks after buying your trailer

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