12 x 6 Enclosed Trailer – 2000kg


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12 x 6 Tandem Enclosed Trailer – 2,000kg Braked

AT ECL126E – $8140.00 incl GST – licensed https://juliwerner.ru/sol-zakladki-zaporozhe.html (Please call for stock availability) https://yaletrelak.ru/chto-silnee-tramadola.html add jockey wheel and spare for only $150

https://tuschkagrud.ru/moskva-beskudnikovskiy-kupit-vhq-cocaine-98-bolivia.html New galvanized 12 x 6 Tandem trailer with a aluminium composite panels enclosed box with box tubing inner structure. Small side access door on the side.The added benefit is that this is braked on all 4 wheels so max load is 2,000kg weight is 650kg so this is well built with box chassis so payload is approx 1350kg, great for everyday use.



  • Internal box tray size 1760H x 1760W x 3000L
  • Overall dimensions 2300H x 2300W x 4600L
  • 100 x 50 x 2.5mm longer RHS tube draw-bar
  • 2.5mm chequer sheet steel floor
  • 3.0mm aluminium composite panel
  • 75 x 50 box tubing chassis
  • Roller rocker syspension 50mm round axles
  • disc brakes on all 4 wheels
  • Back drop down ramp, aluminium tread
  • 14″ Rims & 185/70×14 tyres
  • LED , ADR approved lights
  • 7 pin small round plug
  • Tare Weight 650kg
  • ATM Rated for 2,000kg cable braked
  • Payload 1350kg
  • includes approx 6 months REGO


  • Jockey & Spare Wheel – add $150 for both
  • 14″ Light truck tyres 185R x 14C – add$200 for the 5

Stamp duty and transfer fees are still payable to the Department of Transport Approx 2 weeks after buying your trailer

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